Things to Do During Quiet Salon Months

Just like in any form of business, beauty salons also get those days when there are almost no customers. Everything becomes quiet during the months of October and November, when people are waiting for Christmas to come, for the weather to be warm enough to encourage themselves to go outside, or for the clients themselves to start worrying about how they look.

So what do you do during these months? Do you put up the sign that says “closed” and then just wait for the dry months to pass?

Instead of sitting back and relaxing, busy yourself with the business. Even though you do not have a customer at the moment, that should not mean that you should not have the business mindset, if you take the word from experts and entrepreneurs such as those at, they will tell you that October and November should be the months when you are making routine checks of your salon, and making sure that everything is fresh and up to date, ready for your next client booking.

Here are just some of the things that you should be doing while the business is slow, according to salon gurus from salons such as and others.

• Spring clean: Probably the only reason why you think your facility is fine is because you got used to everything, from the ambience to the dustiness of some of the materials. However, with no clients to think about, try stepping back and looking at your salon from the perspective of your clients. Open your eyes and check out all the nooks and crannies of your salon. What does the place smell like? Are there trailing leads on the floor? Is there a hanging bulb or a dirty shade somewhere? There might even be one or two cobwebs just hanging.

salonCheck everything and tidy up. Look at your inventory, at your cupboards, and look at how your materials are arranged. If you think they have been put there haphazardly, put all of the materials out and rearrange.

As much as possible, clean your facilities. Make sure that everything is tidy and your whole facility is ready for the next client arrival.

• Clean up your database: As the owner of the store you may not have had time to look at the database yourself (or you just have someone else looking into that for you) but it pays well to check and see if everything is okay. Chances are big that there might be booking problems there, from misspelled names to multiple records. Go through all of your files and try to eliminate all of these problems.

• Study up: The beauty industry is alive and it is always in a state of growth and change. Therefore, you should be keeping up with the trends yourself. Just like those working at, if you are currently in the middle of no sale months, it is time that you study the newest trends in styling and beauty.

Another thing that you should seriously look up is if you have competition nearby. Maybe a salon has opened up somewhere near you. Try to find out more about them so that you will know how you can up your game and how you will make your salon more unique.

You should also try looking back at your knowledge of the product, because chances are that your knowledge is not what should apply to the present status of the industry. Check out new prices, new products, and new ingredients so that you are up to date with what the latest is. It is important that you are able to give the right advice to your clients when they do come.

The lesson you should take here is that, just like what those at and other professionals salons do during white spaces, refresh everything and make sure you make valuable use of the time you have to learn more about the industry, new products, and the competition which you might have not known otherwise.

Valuable Things to Pawn at cash4jewelrynow

Many low-income and middle-income customers rely on pawn shops because they are an important source of credit to many working-class people. It is a business that gives secured loans to people. Borrowers need to surrender a piece of jewelry to the pawn shop as collateral.

Pawn shops do not directly compete with mainstream financial institutions such as finance companies, credit unions, and commercial banks. Instead, they cater to customers whose needs are not served by traditional financial institutions.Jewelry

Pawn shops generally cater to two types of customers, and these are the main customers that we get at Metropolitan Pawnbrokers. Check out our website cash4jewelrynow to see how it works. The first types of customers are those people that have a high credit risk so they cannot borrow directly from finance companies. However, they need to leave valuable property with the pawn broker, particularly jewelry for cash4jewelrynow customers. The jewelry will serve as collateral for the loan. The second type of customers are those that do not need a huge amount of cash, but just require a small amount to maybe pay for utility bills or rent. They may have unforeseen expenses and maybe they just need a little something to tide them over before the next paycheck. Traditional lenders are typically unwilling to lend a small amount of cash with security. As we can see, pawn shops are very helpful to people who have genuine need for emergency cash.

Pawn shops usually have affordable percentage rates at to be paid at a specified period. The payment terms are usually on a staggered basis, giving borrowers the flexibility to pay with convenience. For instance, at cash4jewelrynow, the usual period is 4 months at 3% interest per month.

To help you out, here are the types or brands of watches and jewelries that we buy or hold as collateral:

1.    Cartier

Cartier is well-known for its quality wristwatches and specially crafted classic jewelry. Because of its classic timelessness, the resale value of Cartier jewelry or Cartier watches is quite high.

Metropolitan Pawnbrokers accepts Cartier engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, charms, earrings, broaches, chains, and cufflinks.

Cartier also has iconic watch designs. We accept the 1906 classic women’s Baignoire, men’s and women’s Balloon Bleu de Cartier, and other models such as Declaration and La Dona de Cartier.

2.    Rolex

Rolex is a premium watch brand, and is ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 100 iconic global brands. Owning a Rolex is actually a privilege, and when times are tough, it will prove to be more valuable in meeting our emergency cash needs. Over the years, we have honed our expertise in appraising Rolex watches. With two decades under our belt, we will buy Rolex watches at a fair price. We accept classic Rolex designs such as Oyster Quartz, Oyster Perpetual, Professional, Cellini, and Tudor.

3.    Other Wrist Watch brands

Aside from Cartier and Rolex, we also buy or keep as collateral other top-notch watch brands. Our pawn shop also accepts other premium wrist watch brands such as Bulgaria, Chopard, Baume & Mercier, Omega, Longinus, TAG Heuer, Dunhill, Van Cleef and Arpels, Franck Muller, Jaeger-LeCoultre and many others.

4.    Pocket Watches

We also buy unique pocket watches. Because of their uniqueness and novelty, we pay a good amount of money for customers who sell their pocket watches. We accept the following brands: Ball, Howard, Patek Philippe, Gruen, Elgin, Rockford, South Bend, and many others.

5.    Tiffany and Co.

American luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. is quite known the world over for their exquisite jewelry and watches. At Metropolitan Pawnbrokers, we accept several types of Tiffany jewelry such as rings, bracelets and bangles, charms, necklaces and pendants, cufflinks, Solitaire pieces and designer collections such as Peretti, Picasso, Atlas, Etoile, and many more. We also buy various designs and models of Tiffany watches such as the Atlas, Cocktail, Tiffany Grand, and Tiffany Mark.

This article should give our customers an idea on what types or brands of jewelry or watches that we accept as collateral or buy for cash at cash4jewelrynow.

Pawn shops may only have a minor role in terms of consumer credit percentage, but based on the number of pawn shops in major cities in the United States, pawn shops are needed and appear to have a major role in direct consumer finance. According to a study, there is one pawn shop for every two commercial banks in a city in America. Based on the ratio of the population, this is a significant statistic. This is the reason why Metropolitan Pawnbrokers strive to give excellent service to our customers and provide them an atmosphere of trust and dependability. Our comprehensive list of services and customer-centric environment has garnered for us a solid reputation. Customers come back for repeat business.

Using Your Storage Containers In Many Different Ways 

As you well know, a storage container is mainly built and used for transporting goods, like when you are moving to another house, and storing bulky items that your house cannot accommodate. These have been a storage container’s main purpose until someone genius came up with a brilliant idea of turning it into something else. Well, the truth is, you do not need to be genius to come up with such an idea, all you need to be is a little bit more imaginative and creative.

They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and this could have been the sole motivation of those people who thought of using a storage container for something else. Storage containers are now being used for various practical reasons.

Here are some other ways by which you can make use of your portable storage:
1.You can turn it into a nice little guesthouse.

Storage-containersTurning a portable storage container into a house or into a building is now becoming the trend. Whether you are in the middle of your own garden, or in the midst of an enormous vineyard in California, or in the middle of the woods in Colorado, turning your storage into a house is not a bad idea at all; it is, in fact, perfect. Not only will you be able to save some space or a piece of land, but having a little house in the middle of somewhere else provides a safe and cozy refuge.

2.You can turn your storage into a garage.

If you already have a guesthouse but don’t have a garage, then you might as well make use of your storage container. Of course, you might need to do some cleaning, inspection, and repair, especially when your container has been stationery for quite some time. A standard container measures about 20 to 45 feet in height with a swing door aperture of about 7.5 ft. in height and 8 ft. in width, which is enough to house a car. Smaller containers would have smaller door apertures.

3.You can turn your storage into a lovely office.

One of the most amazing features of a portable storage is that it is not only waterproof, but windproof as well.For more details visit this site This makes your storage container a perfect place for stacking up your important documents. However, instead of just using your storage for this purpose, and if you do not have a spare room at home that you can use for an office, why not make it more useful by turning it into a small office? You could even have a small room for some of your medals, trophies, and a wall for your certificates.

4.You can turn your storage into a library.

Well, if you have so many books filling up your room, then turning your storage into a small and cozy personal library would be a delightful idea. This does not only save you a room at home, but it surely gives you some privacy especially when you need a quiet place for reading. In this library, you can either study alone or with your friends. Invite them in and you might have just found a new hangout.

5.You can turn your storage into a mini bar or café.

If you are in for some business, then you might just be lucky enough to have a storage container that you can turn into a charming little café or a bar. You can set up a little kitchen inside where you can prepare your dish, cocktails and coffee. You can also place some chairs and tables inside, create a counter out of a window, and finally, do not forget to place your business’ name at the top so people could see.

Taylormade golf R11 Driver

One of the best clubs produced by Taylormade is the R11. As their golf clubs consistently gain the top spot in golf driver reviews, their upgrades and improvements also make it to the top of the list of preferred drivers.

Taylormade has always been known for their innovative golf club designs. This is their claim to fame, especially as they continue to provide golfers the clubs that can help them play better.

As one of Taylormade’s best golf club driver, R11 golf driver is an improvement of the R9 golf driver. In this improved version, Taylormade helps the golfer gain an extra 6 yards, thanks to its new technology and design.

The Design Enhancements

While there are areas that were surely retained, the R11 Taylormade golf driver also has certain improvements that allow it to match the golfer’s swing style. These enhancements can be found in the design and technology added to the R11 that made it better than R9.

Aligning the club driver

Golf clubThe first change you are sure to notice is the white you can find in the R11 golf driver. There’s a reason behind adding this color. First, the white matte is actually a crown that blends well with the black driver face. It helps golfers to align the driver (this is the reason why players are having an easy time aligning their golf clubs). Second, the white helps reduce the glare. This improves its visibility and the golfer’s concentration. It also lessens the hot spots.

Adjusting components

There are three key adjustment factors Taylormade believes is important in enhancing the golf driver’s potential to increase their hit’s distance: the loft or launch angel, the face angel, and the flight path. This helped them provide the changes that made the R11’s aerodynamic qualities better than R9.

Taylormade made changes in the golf driver’s adjustable components which enhance the club-head’s speed. It is now adjustable. Golfers can independently set the loft, face angel, and flight path with 48 combinations available. This is to help golfers match the club’s ability with their swing style.

Technology Added

What made R11 enhanced in performance are the added technology. Each can be adjusted independently to fit the golfer’s swing style, built, and strength.

The adjustable component implemented in the R11 is called Flight Control Technology (FTC). It helps golfers increase and decrease the loft angel to 1 degree from a 0.5 increment. This gives golfers 8 FTC positions.

The adjustable component that enables golfers to customize the face angel is called Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP). This helps golfers open and close the clubface to 2 degrees in 3 settings. Golfers can also leave it in a neutral position. This means they can independently tune the face angel without adjusting the loft.

Another technology added is the Movable Weight Technology. This allows golfers to fine tune the center gravity with 2 adjustable weights which are secured in the club’s heel and to ends. This helps it to either draw or a neutral ball flight path.

The R11 is actually one of the hybrid Taylormade golf clubs. A hybrid is a club that can replace irons for lighter and stronger swings that can send the ball higher and travel longer. The customizable feature of the R11 has proven to be one of the golf club drivers you may need for your golf game.

R11 is just one of the hybrid Taylormade golf club drivers available at present. Each of these have features that helps golfers play better whether they are a professional or an amateur. Check out which ones are fit for you to add in your golf bag. The best part is that most of them has the same technology added to the R11.

Best colleciton of Taylormade golf club drivers with new features,specification and design only available at

SEO Consulting Makes Marketing Way Easier

There are many ways that you can promote your business on the web. You don’t have to succumb to old standards, as there is an ever evolving door related to the world of internet marketing. One of the premier ways to get your name out there is through the use of SEO. This is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. Done right, it can bring about an incredible array of traffic to your pages. Done wrong, and it can bring down the wrath of the search engines, basically making your website non-existent to anyone using any sort of search protocol. Working with this type of marketing usually requires a great deal of work, and that’s why you may want to look into hiring an SEO consultant to make sure that you’re not left behind the proverbial herd. One such option is to go with, a professional in this field that will give you results, not just marketing speeches. There are 3 major components to the world of optimization that you need to have worked on for you, and it starts with content management.

Content Still Reigns

SEO ConsultingNo matter how you look at it, you’re going to run into content marketing elements. Even if you are a photographer, there needs to be a bit of writing done for you to gain any sort of leverage. Content will always trump other elements, no matter how you look at it. Even though it’s a good thing, it’s not the only thing. People get confused about this. When you hire a good SEO consulting firm, you will find that they can bring about content that you have and distribute it properly. Furthermore, they ensure that everything you post comes back to you as part of an authority module that pays off dividends down the line.

Establishing Proper Niche Network Connections

Another big part of the world of marketing today is the networking connections that you have in place. That’s something that you can sometimes see called “backlinks”. These are like references that you receive when you have a job you’re chasing, or a school you’re applying for. Establishing proper connections allows your website to get the right type of traffic, so that you are not left alone in a crowded internet marketplace. Establishing proper niche network connections is part of the specialties that you will receive when you hire, to give you a helping hand.

Results Proven By More Than Numbers

SEO ConsultantAnyone can send a flood to your page. That’s something that a lot of people fall for. In fact, you could pay something like $5 and get a ton of traffic. The numbers will bolster and you’ll think that all is well. However, that’s not enough to get moving forward today. You will need more than that to gain the upper hand. Results matter in terms of numbers, true, but you need conversions to be successful online today. If you do not have any sort of conversion ratio, then your efforts to push forward with internet marketing are for not. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the shuffle, hire a good SEO consulting firm to get you through the ocean of internet sites that will clog your pathways.

The above are just a few notes that you should consider when you look at marketing for your website. Without internet marketing today, especially within the confines of optimization, you will end up losing out fast. If you’re looking for a helping hand sorting through the mess of SEO, consider, and get a free consultation today. You may be surprised by how far your website can go if you just focus on the right pieces.

Go and Switch for Custom Patches

Most organizations require their members to wear a set of uniform to facilitate easy identification. In schools, students are required to wear one. In the workplace, majority of the employers provide uniforms to their employees and require them to wear it. Policemen, military personnel, teachers and other public servants are usually wearing uniforms. If a person wears a uniform, that means he or she belongs to that organization. It creates their identity. It gives an idea where that person belongs. Other than that, uniforms also uphold the authority of the person wearing it. That is why it is also important that your uniforms have a proper logo attached to it. Sometimes, imprinted texts and logos are being made but it is simply not that effective as it fades out through time or sometimes, even just after washing the garment. That is why patches are created.

Patches are basically pieces of cloth attached to a garment in order to hide the damaged part. However, as time passed by, patches have changed its own image and became an identification to most people. From stich-based to embroidered, patches have gone major improvements on the way it looks and in the purpose it upholds. Now, a lot of custom patches are available in the market. Logos that were once imprinted have gone embroidered. It became more intricate yet more beautiful and sturdyCustom PatchesMore and more organizations now have switched to using custom patches instead of other options like imprints. If you go and look around for people wearing uniform, you will notice that most of the logos attached to them are already patches customized for their organizations. One reason for this is its durability. Custom patches are more durable because it is embroidered. Embroidery means sewing a particular design to a garment. When designs are embroidered rather than printed, they are less vulnerable to fading out. Your design will be carefully crafted out and when it is finished, it will then be attached to the garment or uniform. Custom patches look more formal and realistic as it is embossed on the cloth. It has various backing style. Backing style refers to how would you want your custom patches appear at the back. The kind of backing style will also determine the mode on which you can attach your patches on your uniform. Therefore, patches can be permanent or temporary. It can be removable or not depending on the backing style you choose. On the other hand, imprints are already permanent. Once it is printed on the garment, there is no way that you can remove it without ruining the entire clothes. For this reason, patches offer another benefit.

Customizing patches have also gone prevalent. Most suppliers will give you freedom to design your patches according to your preference. Professional artistic help is also offered if you need some. Or if you are good enough to make your own, you are free to do so. Quotations are also offered once the design is submitted to them. They will compute the price of your design according to your specifications. Some of them also offer a free sample just to give you an idea on how your patch will look alike once produced. This kind of deal is advantageous for you.

With all the technology and skill that are available nowadays, patches have undergone so much improvement already. The negative connotation attached to it has been replaced with a positive one. If before a patched clothes means damaged, now it means good identity. Once your clothes get patched, you become a member of an organization. You become worthy. So if you wish to maintain that good identity, then have your clothes patched up. Maybe it’s time that you make some make over on the way you your uniforms are designed. have the experience and knowledge to provide whatever custom size patch you need!We use that quality experience to design some great-looking custom patches to your exact specifications!

How to Establish Connection between a Keynote Speaker and His Audience?

To become a memorable keynote speaker, one has to connect to his audience and find their sweet spot. The only question is how.

There is no surefire formula to connect any speaker to his audience because personality, charisma and the type of audience vary greatly from person to person. You can consult a speech guru yet still fail to engage an audience because you lack charisma that can make everybody look at your direction every time you speak. On the contrary, you can be diligent with your research and practice voice projection really well yet still fail to jive with the behavior of your audience because you lack sensitivity.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that connecting is not possible. Building that connection involves a step-by-step process. It is not a recipe that anybody can simply follow and expect to do right the first time. Human connection and interaction require practice and understanding to develop an inner sensitivity that will truly grab the audience’s attention and eventually make you a memorable keynote speaker. You have to learn where they are coming from and what their preferences are. is the best reference to know more about keynote speaker.

Immerse yourself with your audience. Les Brown, considered one of the top five speakers by the Toastmasters International, used to make a round of calls to attendees of his speeches to understand who they are, how they think and what they like before writing his speeches. He knows himself and capabilities very well, but he has limited knowledge about his audience, so he makes it a point to talk to them personally to get a personal connection.

Authentic connection only happens when you really know what it feels like to connect to the type of audiences you have on a personal level. Talking with someone you do not know at all is hard, whether you are on a stage or closely facing a person; but, talking with people belonging to a culture you are familiar with makes your delivery more sincere and genuine.

Keynote speakerAnother way to connect is by showing to your audience that like them, you are also vulnerable but only capable of rising victor from the challenges. You have to go to their level of social perception to see them eye to eye.

People rarely like a know-it-all keynote speaker, but they like someone who has been in their shoes before. Would you really believe someone who says this is the way to the top if he himself has not taken that route before? Would you really believe someone who tells you the secret to be part of a rags-to-riches story if he has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth from the beginning? The likes of Dan Millman, Mark Victor Hansen and Nick Vujicic are not afraid to show their mistakes and weaknesses; yet, they continue to fill stadiums anywhere in the world every time they make an appearance.

When you stand in front of hundreds or thousands of people, would you prefer to be seen as someone sitting on a pedestal of success or someone they can approach with their bare feet? It feels amazing to stand on the top; but taking a position so high makes you unreachable and as a keynote speaker, long-distance connection just won’t work. However, if you will open up yourself to your audience to show that you stand on the same ground as they do, they will open up wider and faster in return.

Finding a connection to your audience may not be instant especially if you are not used to opening yourself up to a crowd. It takes time before getting used to interacting with an audience composed of different types of people. Do not be disappointed if you fail to connect with each and every person in the venue because as your audience grows, your personality also grows towards becoming a leader than just a mere keynote speaker.

How Companies Can Use Lanyards to Motivate their Employees and Attract New Clients?

Lanyards are generally used to hold university and company badges. But, these ID strings have other uses, too.

Here’s how you can use lanyards to motivate your employees and attract new clients:

1. Give your employees customized company ID strings.

Giving away customized lanyards to your employees will create a strong sense of pride. It will make them feel valued and it will make them feel that they belong to an awesome and reputable organization. So, instead of giving away caps or purses, why not give a custom company lanyard?

2. Use ID strings as a reward.

You can produce special ID strings that will serve as a reward to sales performers. You can give away one lanyard for every sale made.

3. Use ID strings to recognize top performing employees.

LanyardsYou can produce a highly customized lanyard for your top performing employees. You can put in your company name, your logo, and the name of the employee. You can also put something like “number one sales performer”, “the best customer service representative”, or “the most awesome manager”. This will create a strong sense of pride among your employees. This will increase their productivity and will motivate them to do better.

This will also motivate underperforming employees as they would typically want the kind of recognition that you are giving away to your high performing employees.

You can also give away special custom ID strings to your company leaders and tenured employees. You can give a special lanyard to your unit and senior managers, this will keep them apart from the rest of your employees. It will create a strong sense of pride. Also, you can create a special lanyard for tenured employees. You can write something like “10 years of service” or “5 years of great work”. This will make your tenured employees feel special and appreciated.

4. Give away custom ID strings during trade fairs.

One way to attract new clients and business partners is to give away ID holders during trade fairs. This will increase your company and brand recognition.

5. Use ID strings as a promotional giveaway.

If you are just starting out and you want other people to get to know your product and services, it is a good idea to give away custom ID strings. These badge holders are great giveaways because they are useful and they appeal to different demographics – young, old, men, women, poor, rich, city kids, country kids, etc.

ID strings are also inexpensive so you can produce them in bulk and give them away to your potential customers as a freebie!

6. Use ID strings as giveaways during summer outings or family days.

One of the key to employee retention and satisfaction is to make them feel special and appreciated. One of the most creative ways to do this is to give away ID holders during your company summer outing or family days. You can print the company name, logo, and the name of the event.

7. Use lanyards as giveaways during company-wide meetings.

Major meetings are usually filled with tension since changes in company policies and processes are announced during these gatherings. To help relieve the tension, you can give away ID strings that communicate the message that you want to get across to your employees. If you are introducing a major company change, you can print something like “change is good” or “change is an important ingredient of growth”. If you are trying to motivate your employees to do better, you can print something like “Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude”.

Of course, there are many other ways to use a lanyard. You’ll probably come up with your own unique ideas in no time.

Author Bio:
Wholesale lanyards is your one-stop lanyards solution shop! Wholesale lanyards offers a selection of free attachments as well as a choice of optional extra attachments.They offers the industry’s most economical pricing for lanyards.

Simple Tools To Get Your Article Writer Equipped With

Hiring freelance wordsmiths is a given when you have content writing needs that must be met. These wordsmiths are the ones who have knowledge of that language they’re writing in. In fact, they make a living out of that knowledge.

Article writerEvery freelancer who are working in this field, ready to meet your content writing demands, will be equipped with simple tools that can set them apart from others. These tools help them become better at article writing. If you are going to hire freelancing wordsmiths, then ask them if they have the following tools or resources already:

1.Word Processor

As a digital freelancer, the writer most likely already has this tool. Being an article writer means that he or she has to type in the content in the word processor and then upload it to a client’s content platform. There’s no need to pay even a single cent for a word processor as writers know they can find open source ones online.


A portfolio is another must-have that freelance writers should build. It is even better when they have it online. They can show clients how much potential they have in the field of article writing. You, as the client, will want to check up on the writer’s portfolio as well. You can decide whether or not this freelancer is the one you want through his or her portfolio.


Having their very own website can make article writers stand out from the rest. A professional-looking website can definitely entice you on hiring this content writer for your content writing needs. You should be able to see the writer’s resume, portfolio, videos, and photos through his or her professional website.


Downloading tools that can capitalize content the right way is a given for article writers. Capitalization is essential when it comes to content writing, after all. Even in the title of an article, proper capitalization is important. Make sure that your chosen content writer knows how to capitalize content the right way. If not, then ask him or her to download Capitalizers.

5.Grammar Corrector

Even native speakers of a language can go wrong with their grammar. Just think about how it would be with an article writer who uses the language you want him or her to write in as a second tongue. Grammatical errors can easily kill a content writer’s credibility so have them download a grammar corrector. Grammar corrector can easily detect grammatical errors in articles.

6.Plagiarism Detector

As the client in need of content writing services, you might be a bit lax when it comes to grammar. However, you should not be complacent when it comes to plagiarized content. There are no clients who will be happy with freelancers who plagiarize other writers’ written works. Strictly ask your freelancer to install a plagiarism detector then.

7.Keyword Finder

Nowadays, an article writer does not only have to think about writing in an informative manner. He or she also needs to think about SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords are still directly linked to each other, after all. If you want good results for content writing, then be sure to inform the freelancer about the right keywords to use. Also, let him or her know about Keyword Finder to help you find keywords that can work with your content writing needs.

8.Image library

Having an image library helps whenever you want to request for images to be included in a write-up. By getting access to free photos beforehand, content writers can fulfill your needs without making you wait too long. There should be many online image libraries around that your freelancer can gain access to nowadays, even for free.

These are just some of the basic tools that every article writer should have. These tools can help writers produce the best articles to meet your content writing needs.

How to Start Collecting Custom Challenge Coins

Some people may not be familiar with custom challenge coins. They hold no monetary value, but they are collectible coins from an organization or unit. These coins show off the name, logo, motto, or any other distinct feature of the organization. The largest classification is military challenge coins and there are also other varieties such as federal, organizational, civilian, and countless other categories. Collecting challenge coins is a hobby that’s becoming more and more popular. It used to be limited to mainly American collectors who were previously from the military, but it has developed into a global craze.

Auction Websites

Auctions help a lot of buyers and sellers come together all through the years, but in the last few years, major organizations and websites have turned up to build credibility to the wonderful hobby of collecting custom challenge coins. Now, there still seems to be a question waiting to be answered: are challenge coins really valuable? The answer is yes, and actually, there are certain challenge coins that can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. There are coins from the US presidents, generals, and many other high ranking people. One of the biggest motivations in finding and collecting is the pride of owning these coins.

custom challenge coinsPeople who have a military background are more likely to aim for challenge coins associated with their branch or unit. For a good starting point to have great finds, they can start with auction websites. The best challenge coins are mostly on sites all over the net. Dig up some information from forums and other sites to find out what makes a good collection. There are some great resources available for new and old collectors alike.

Research Designers of Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins stem from the military and they are approximately a century old. Without going through the whole history, systems and commanders usually issue them as a commemorative item. Normally, they change these items annually, which put more value to the older coins because they become more difficult to find. Keep in mind that when a coin is inexpensive, it is usually because it is easy to find.

A lot of collectors would research and go for custom challenge coins, which produces the best results when putting up a collection. Custom coins are a special type, but be wary of designers who just create something cheap and pass it off as something that’s supposedly more expensive. Make sure to investigate these designers and their creations.

Certain websites sell custom coins which have designs that were imprinted using in-house means or those that cannot be easily done by everyone. Because of this, custom coins that are created with a high level of craftsmanship become extremely valuable items. To find these coins, settle for a designer who is well-respected in this field. The key to having a valuable coin collection is by getting the right coins with limited imprints. Most designers of custom coins imprint only about 100 pieces of a certain work of art. Through the years, they become so rare that the remaining coins could earn thousands of dollars at an auction.

Building Friendships While Collecting

Collectors should build a relationship with the community they are buying into. No matter which way you choose in starting a collection of timeless custom challenge coins, make sure to do a thorough research. The hobby of collecting these treasured pieces is not going to stop anytime soon. Collectors find this hobby incredibly rewarding while creating strong relationships along the way. They have built friendships in both designing and collecting industries – and will surely continue to create new bonds.

Just Words of Safety for Rubber Bracelets

As simple as custom rubber bracelets seem to be, there should also be precautions before they are put on. They may not look dangerous, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

One thing every person should do before wearing bracelets is to do an advance test on all the materials used to make it. It is to make sure there will be no allergic reactions not just to the rubber but also to the ingredients of the paint or ink. It would be troublesome, not to mention painful, to have the skin around the wrist react negatively from the bracelet.

And if in any case, a person already knows that he or she has rubber or silicone allergy, then it would be he or she must know not to wear custom rubber bracelets. This person’s allergy is sometimes referred to as Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) allergy. For the last few years, an allergic sensitivity to the proteins in NRL has become known. This allergic sensitization is the kind that worsens with every exposure to latex. It might be difficult to recognize various symptoms that come with being allergic to latex because they are unspecified. It also does not help that awareness over this kind of allergy is lacking.

Custom rubber braceletsThere are some individuals that might have been sensitive to latex without showing any signs of allergic reactions at first. But those symptoms could eventually be developed if exposure through the nose, eyes, mouth or the skin is sustained. Allergic symptoms that would develop could range from mildly annoying to life threatening if exposure continues.

The most effective strategy to treat a person with latex allergy is to make him or her completely avoid any products that might have natural latex proteins in their materials. These products do not only include custom rubber bracelets, but also gloves used in places like the health care. Just by simply touching their eyes or mouth, a person could sensitize himself. That could be avoided by washing their hands after the removal of the gloves. That is because latex proteins are water soluble. But generally, those who are suffering from NRL allergy should know that avoidance of latex products and latex-prone areas is a must.

In cases that an individual is sure that he has no latex allergy, then he could wear custom rubber bracelets without any worries. He should just remember to always make sure that his comfort is not in being disregarded. The bracelet should be kept from restricting the blood flow through the wrist. And at the very least, one should make sure that the body of the bracelet is not pulling on any small hairs on the area of the wrist.

Rubber bracelets are also potential choking hazards. They should not be given to and worn by children, especially children under the age of four. And if the child is in the right age, it would be more secure to question them and ask for the reason why they want to wear a specific colored rubber bracelet. Their answers should not be suspicious in any way. The intent behind the bracelet should be aligned with a cause rather than a sex act, which is a popular cause of wearing bracelets in high school and in middle school.

Those are simple precautions to prevent any danger or pain. Being cautious would not cause a thing, but it might save people their lives or at least save them from discomfort. Those  custom rubber bracelets would not be there to last for a long time as they will eventually crack or break over time, but the experience and meaning behind them would always be there.

Wearing Lanyards’ Pros and Cons

Customized lanyards are in-demand not just for various occasions but for almost all industries as well. Whether used for company identification, brand recognition or token appreciation, these personalized straps have certain advantages and disadvantages. This article will show them both but the focus must be on the bright side of things first:

lanyardsCustomized straps are present everywhere including churches, offices, parties and homes. Whatever the occasion may be, lanyard designs are always highly customizable depending on a person’s preference. Printing the company name, logo, tagline or whatever message in the strap’s body can be done without a hassle. Added with colorful designs and suggested symbols, these wearable straps could definitely fit in all events.

Considering their affordability, these customizable lanyards are perfect as giveaways or gift items to each and every visitor on different occasions no matter how many headcounts there are. Depending on the print type, quality of material being used and the number of placed orders, a lot of packages and bundles are also available. Only $1 per piece, a person could already buy a strap with a simple design. Straps made from higher quality materials that have more intricate designs normally range from about $10 to $15 per piece.

Wherever a person will go, he can always bring these straps with him. Considered as portable and handy, never worry about bringing a small bag to carry the straps. For companies that placed bulk orders the big and heavy packages will not be delivered right in front of their houses.

Wearing straps can contribute in improving the company’s marketing strategies. To achieve corporate branding and recognition, people should remember the products and services of a certain company and it is possible though wearing these straps around the neck. Free advertising is utilized every time people are using these straps especially if the company name is mentioned during conversations.

Customizing straps is an easy thing to do. When an existing design or logo is provided, customization usually takes about a day or two for the straps to be finished depending upon the print type and the volume of orders. When the silkscreen process is used in printing, customization of lanyards can only take about an hour.
After looking on the bright side of things, here comes the not-so-bright side of things. For other people, wearing straps is a no-no because of the following reasons:

When attending formal gatherings, straps are not considered typically because they do not fit in the related occasions. For much better replacements, choose flowers and lace. In some companies and organizations, the colors of strap do not match the outfits worn by employees specifically if they are required to wear color coded attires per day. When it comes to the world of sporting events, the colors of team uniforms actually change from light to dark depending on every schedule. For this reason, wearing uncoordinated colors of strap could create confusion in some games.

Considered as popular items, some people find that these straps are harmful when items get caught easily. Wearing the strap around the neck can result to damages if it gets entangled on doorknobs, bags, necklaces, or even on figurine displays and other fragile home decors. Students might also get hurt at school if these straps are accidentally pulled by other students in a fight.

On some occasions, the prints of the straps could easily get erased and become unnoticeable depending on print type and materials used. Faded designs of a lanyard already defeats it purpose. Some straps are easily ripped, torn and scraped as well.

With lanyard’s fair share of pros and cons, the selection of suitable lanyards should be taken with careful considerations. Whatever the occasion may be, people should always keep these 3 things in mind succeed in lanyard creation and purchase: purpose of the event, the recipients and the event manner.

PCB Assembly: The Benefits of Hiring an EMS Partner

When a PCB is designed for small-scale production of no more than 500 units on the pcb assembly line, it is often better to hire an in-country EMS provider. This way, the PCB designer wouldn’t have to shoulder any additional costs that are associated with overseas shipping. The designer would also be able to oversee most of the production processes so that he can easily iron out any kinks in the design before it’s too late.

PCBSometimes even if the PCB is pegged for high-volume production, the PCB designer is still advised to hire an in-country EMS partner for pcb assembly. This is because most overseas EMS providers are not equipped with the right tools for producing complex PCB. This includes double-layer and multi-layer PCBs that often require the use of both SMT and THT methods for component mounting. However, both in-country and overseas EMS providers would still be able to provide the following benefits:

•Most EMS providers have had years of experience in the PCB manufacturing industry. This means that their engineers are already trained to see any loopholes on a design that could possibly cause problems with the finished product. In some cases, even if there is no loophole, the engineer would still be able to make suggestions that could help enhance the PCBs functions.

•The EMS provider’s years of experience also ensures that its engineers already have a trained eye for detecting the difference between high-quality and low-quality components. This includes a keen understanding of the difference in price for these components. This means that the EMS provider should be able to give you a reliable quote of possible costs upfront. This cost should already include the cost for the materials, workforce costs, and any other cost associated with the pcb assembly.

•An EMS provider would also be equipped with the right tools for handling high-volume orders even with a limited timeframe. This means that PCB designers would no longer have to worry about making any changes to their designs in order to shorten the assembly time. The EMS partner should be able to take care of this aspect. The designer also wouldn’t have to worry about the post-production testing process because most EMS providers would also handle this stage.

Note that the pcb assembly process usually undergoes several stages of testing from the moment production starts until it is finished. This also includes testing the individual base boards for strength and reliability even before the component mounting process could commence. PCB designers have to make sure that they are present in each stage of testing. This way they would be able to ensure that the quality of the PCB is within the specific limits of their designs. In case any of the components do not quite match, then the designer and the EMS partner should have a proper mode of communication wherein they can decide on the best alternatives.

Before deciding on a particular EMS partner, PCB designers also have to make sure that the potential partner meets the criteria for EMS reliability. In most cases, designers often put an emphasis on the EMS provider’s project management capabilities. This is especially true if the order includes a largenumber of high-quality PCBs. Designers need to make sure that the EMS is well-equipped to meet the quota barring any production delays. This capability would already be apparent in the way that the EMS provider is able to start on the specified production start date.

All these information are necessary for people who make a living out of PCBs. But for hobbyists who are only in it for the fun, the pcb assembly is best done at home with the help of loads of DIY articles.

Digital Sign Software and Social Media

Digital-SignDigital sign software nowadays allows room for widgets and tickers for useful information such as weather bulletins and important news headlines. With the rise of social media today, these software packages also allow room for social media posts and comments to level up the interactivity between businesses and customers.

The integration of social media widgets in digital sign software offers many ways of improving this interaction.

First, comments and suggestions are received and responded to faster as compared to using the traditional suggestion box. The establishment’s command center, for example, can install a digital sign where posts made on the establishment’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are prominently shown for everyone to see. No one will be swamped with too many messages flooding their workstation screens, and substantial posts can be easily separated from useless fluff. This way, the social media manager will promptly respond to any concerns their patrons may raise. One matter related to monitoring social media activity is the use of social media analytics. Everyone in the command center will know how people recognize the brand and therefore make reasonable decisions to expand the establishment’s social media reach.

Second, posts made on the establishment’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts can be displayed not just in the digital signs it owns, but also on the computers and devices of their patrons. This simultaneous, multiplatform reach ensures that no one will miss whatever treats the establishment may have in store, wherever they may go.

Third, if the establishment has an official YouTube account, the social media manager will just embed the videos on the digital signs via the digital sign software’s YouTube widget. The video sharing giant’s allowance of 4K resolution and 3D-capable videos means that the establishment will no longer have to waste time uploading the videos to its own servers and just utilize the already-uploaded high-quality video instead.

Fourth, online polls are made even batter. Fans can better show their moral support to their favorite teams and athletes by just sending their messages of encouragement on Twitter. The messages can be displayed on the big digital screen in the arena, and the players will know how much they are admired from within the arena and outside it. Responses to opinion polls and reactions to controversial issues can be addressed better to uphold the journalistic standard of fairness and neutrality. Online gaming tournaments will no longer be confined to geeks’ computers – they will be given greater exposure for ordinary people to understand the rising tensions and passions that go into such tournaments and have a greater appreciation for video games in general.

Fifth, opinions about certain movies are given greater attention when digital sign software is installed inside theaters and movie houses. Praises and constructive criticisms are fine and can be displayed in the social media feed that is situated beside the movie’s poster, while overtly negative and unsubstantial criticisms can be sorted and deleted, avoiding further negative publicity about the film.

Finally, real estate agents can better deliver their houses that are ready for occupancy to their potential customers. The crystal-clear displays allow much room for buyers to explore the exteriors and interiors of their chosen houses without limiting themselves to what the brochures tell them. This way, the buyers will be better informed if their chosen housing units will be worth all the hard-earned money they have plunked down on. With digital sign software integrated with social media, the agents will take valuable inputs from their customers in real time and then relay them to the developers to better improve the designs and safety measures of those housing units before the time of occupancy. Any complaints that may be lodged via social media will be answered accordingly.