Digital Sign Software and Social Media

Digital-SignDigital sign software nowadays allows room for widgets and tickers for useful information such as weather bulletins and important news headlines. With the rise of social media today, these software packages also allow room for social media posts and comments to level up the interactivity between businesses and customers.

The integration of social media widgets in digital sign software offers many ways of improving this interaction.

First, comments and suggestions are received and responded to faster as compared to using the traditional suggestion box. The establishment’s command center, for example, can install a digital sign where posts made on the establishment’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are prominently shown for everyone to see. No one will be swamped with too many messages flooding their workstation screens, and substantial posts can be easily separated from useless fluff. This way, the social media manager will promptly respond to any concerns their patrons may raise. One matter related to monitoring social media activity is the use of social media analytics. Everyone in the command center will know how people recognize the brand and therefore make reasonable decisions to expand the establishment’s social media reach.

Second, posts made on the establishment’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts can be displayed not just in the digital signs it owns, but also on the computers and devices of their patrons. This simultaneous, multiplatform reach ensures that no one will miss whatever treats the establishment may have in store, wherever they may go.

Third, if the establishment has an official YouTube account, the social media manager will just embed the videos on the digital signs via the digital sign software’s YouTube widget. The video sharing giant’s allowance of 4K resolution and 3D-capable videos means that the establishment will no longer have to waste time uploading the videos to its own servers and just utilize the already-uploaded high-quality video instead.

Fourth, online polls are made even batter. Fans can better show their moral support to their favorite teams and athletes by just sending their messages of encouragement on Twitter. The messages can be displayed on the big digital screen in the arena, and the players will know how much they are admired from within the arena and outside it. Responses to opinion polls and reactions to controversial issues can be addressed better to uphold the journalistic standard of fairness and neutrality. Online gaming tournaments will no longer be confined to geeks’ computers – they will be given greater exposure for ordinary people to understand the rising tensions and passions that go into such tournaments and have a greater appreciation for video games in general.

Fifth, opinions about certain movies are given greater attention when digital sign software is installed inside theaters and movie houses. Praises and constructive criticisms are fine and can be displayed in the social media feed that is situated beside the movie’s poster, while overtly negative and unsubstantial criticisms can be sorted and deleted, avoiding further negative publicity about the film.

Finally, real estate agents can better deliver their houses that are ready for occupancy to their potential customers. The crystal-clear displays allow much room for buyers to explore the exteriors and interiors of their chosen houses without limiting themselves to what the brochures tell them. This way, the buyers will be better informed if their chosen housing units will be worth all the hard-earned money they have plunked down on. With digital sign software integrated with social media, the agents will take valuable inputs from their customers in real time and then relay them to the developers to better improve the designs and safety measures of those housing units before the time of occupancy. Any complaints that may be lodged via social media will be answered accordingly.