Go and Switch for Custom Patches

Most organizations require their members to wear a set of uniform to facilitate easy identification. In schools, students are required to wear one. In the workplace, majority of the employers provide uniforms to their employees and require them to wear it. Policemen, military personnel, teachers and other public servants are usually wearing uniforms. If a person wears a uniform, that means he or she belongs to that organization. It creates their identity. It gives an idea where that person belongs. Other than that, uniforms also uphold the authority of the person wearing it. That is why it is also important that your uniforms have a proper logo attached to it. Sometimes, imprinted texts and logos are being made but it is simply not that effective as it fades out through time or sometimes, even just after washing the garment. That is why patches are created.

Patches are basically pieces of cloth attached to a garment in order to hide the damaged part. However, as time passed by, patches have changed its own image and became an identification to most people. From stich-based to embroidered, patches have gone major improvements on the way it looks and in the purpose it upholds. Now, a lot of custom patches are available in the market. Logos that were once imprinted have gone embroidered. It became more intricate yet more beautiful and sturdyCustom PatchesMore and more organizations now have switched to using custom patches instead of other options like imprints. If you go and look around for people wearing uniform, you will notice that most of the logos attached to them are already patches customized for their organizations. One reason for this is its durability. Custom patches are more durable because it is embroidered. Embroidery means sewing a particular design to a garment. When designs are embroidered rather than printed, they are less vulnerable to fading out. Your design will be carefully crafted out and when it is finished, it will then be attached to the garment or uniform. Custom patches look more formal and realistic as it is embossed on the cloth. It has various backing style. Backing style refers to how would you want your custom patches appear at the back. The kind of backing style will also determine the mode on which you can attach your patches on your uniform. Therefore, patches can be permanent or temporary. It can be removable or not depending on the backing style you choose. On the other hand, imprints are already permanent. Once it is printed on the garment, there is no way that you can remove it without ruining the entire clothes. For this reason, patches offer another benefit.

Customizing patches have also gone prevalent. Most suppliers will give you freedom to design your patches according to your preference. Professional artistic help is also offered if you need some. Or if you are good enough to make your own, you are free to do so. Quotations are also offered once the design is submitted to them. They will compute the price of your design according to your specifications. Some of them also offer a free sample just to give you an idea on how your patch will look alike once produced. This kind of deal is advantageous for you.

With all the technology and skill that are available nowadays, patches have undergone so much improvement already. The negative connotation attached to it has been replaced with a positive one. If before a patched clothes means damaged, now it means good identity. Once your clothes get patched, you become a member of an organization. You become worthy. So if you wish to maintain that good identity, then have your clothes patched up. Maybe it’s time that you make some make over on the way you your uniforms are designed.

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