How to Start Collecting Custom Challenge Coins

Some people may not be familiar with custom challenge coins. They hold no monetary value, but they are collectible coins from an organization or unit. These coins show off the name, logo, motto, or any other distinct feature of the organization. The largest classification is military challenge coins and there are also other varieties such as federal, organizational, civilian, and countless other categories. Collecting challenge coins is a hobby that’s becoming more and more popular. It used to be limited to mainly American collectors who were previously from the military, but it has developed into a global craze.

Auction Websites

Auctions help a lot of buyers and sellers come together all through the years, but in the last few years, major organizations and websites have turned up to build credibility to the wonderful hobby of collecting custom challenge coins. Now, there still seems to be a question waiting to be answered: are challenge coins really valuable? The answer is yes, and actually, there are certain challenge coins that can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. There are coins from the US presidents, generals, and many other high ranking people. One of the biggest motivations in finding and collecting is the pride of owning these coins.

custom challenge coinsPeople who have a military background are more likely to aim for challenge coins associated with their branch or unit. For a good starting point to have great finds, they can start with auction websites. The best challenge coins are mostly on sites all over the net. Dig up some information from forums and other sites to find out what makes a good collection. There are some great resources available for new and old collectors alike.

Research Designers of Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins stem from the military and they are approximately a century old. Without going through the whole history, systems and commanders usually issue them as a commemorative item. Normally, they change these items annually, which put more value to the older coins because they become more difficult to find. Keep in mind that when a coin is inexpensive, it is usually because it is easy to find.

A lot of collectors would research and go for custom challenge coins, which produces the best results when putting up a collection. Custom coins are a special type, but be wary of designers who just create something cheap and pass it off as something that’s supposedly more expensive. Make sure to investigate these designers and their creations.

Certain websites sell custom coins which have designs that were imprinted using in-house means or those that cannot be easily done by everyone. Because of this, custom coins that are created with a high level of craftsmanship become extremely valuable items. To find these coins, settle for a designer who is well-respected in this field. The key to having a valuable coin collection is by getting the right coins with limited imprints. Most designers of custom coins imprint only about 100 pieces of a certain work of art. Through the years, they become so rare that the remaining coins could earn thousands of dollars at an auction.

Building Friendships While Collecting

Collectors should build a relationship with the community they are buying into. No matter which way you choose in starting a collection of timeless custom challenge coins, make sure to do a thorough research. The hobby of collecting these treasured pieces is not going to stop anytime soon. Collectors find this hobby incredibly rewarding while creating strong relationships along the way. They have built friendships in both designing and collecting industries – and will surely continue to create new bonds.