Just Words of Safety for Rubber Bracelets

As simple as custom rubber bracelets seem to be, there should also be precautions before they are put on. They may not look dangerous, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

One thing every person should do before wearing bracelets is to do an advance test on all the materials used to make it. It is to make sure there will be no allergic reactions not just to the rubber but also to the ingredients of the paint or ink. It would be troublesome, not to mention painful, to have the skin around the wrist react negatively from the bracelet.

And if in any case, a person already knows that he or she has rubber or silicone allergy, then it would be he or she must know not to wear custom rubber bracelets. This person’s allergy is sometimes referred to as Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) allergy. For the last few years, an allergic sensitivity to the proteins in NRL has become known. This allergic sensitization is the kind that worsens with every exposure to latex. It might be difficult to recognize various symptoms that come with being allergic to latex because they are unspecified. It also does not help that awareness over this kind of allergy is lacking.

Custom rubber braceletsThere are some individuals that might have been sensitive to latex without showing any signs of allergic reactions at first. But those symptoms could eventually be developed if exposure through the nose, eyes, mouth or the skin is sustained. Allergic symptoms that would develop could range from mildly annoying to life threatening if exposure continues.

The most effective strategy to treat a person with latex allergy is to make him or her completely avoid any products that might have natural latex proteins in their materials. These products do not only include custom rubber bracelets, but also gloves used in places like the health care. Just by simply touching their eyes or mouth, a person could sensitize himself. That could be avoided by washing their hands after the removal of the gloves. That is because latex proteins are water soluble. But generally, those who are suffering from NRL allergy should know that avoidance of latex products and latex-prone areas is a must.

In cases that an individual is sure that he has no latex allergy, then he could wear custom rubber bracelets without any worries. He should just remember to always make sure that his comfort is not in being disregarded. The bracelet should be kept from restricting the blood flow through the wrist. And at the very least, one should make sure that the body of the bracelet is not pulling on any small hairs on the area of the wrist.

Rubber bracelets are also potential choking hazards. They should not be given to and worn by children, especially children under the age of four. And if the child is in the right age, it would be more secure to question them and ask for the reason why they want to wear a specific colored rubber bracelet. Their answers should not be suspicious in any way. The intent behind the bracelet should be aligned with a cause rather than a sex act, which is a popular cause of wearing bracelets in high school and in middle school.

Those are simple precautions to prevent any danger or pain. Being cautious would not cause a thing, but it might save people their lives or at least save them from discomfort. Those  custom rubber bracelets would not be there to last for a long time as they will eventually crack or break over time, but the experience and meaning behind them would always be there.