Simple Tools To Get Your Article Writer Equipped With

Hiring freelance wordsmiths is a given when you have content writing needs that must be met. These wordsmiths are the ones who have knowledge of that language they’re writing in. In fact, they make a living out of that knowledge.

Article writerEvery freelancer who are working in this field, ready to meet your content writing demands, will be equipped with simple tools that can set them apart from others. These tools help them become better at article writing. If you are going to hire freelancing wordsmiths, then ask them if they have the following tools or resources already:

1.Word Processor

As a digital freelancer, the writer most likely already has this tool. Being an article writer means that he or she has to type in the content in the word processor and then upload it to a client’s content platform. There’s no need to pay even a single cent for a word processor as writers know they can find open source ones online.


A portfolio is another must-have that freelance writers should build. It is even better when they have it online. They can show clients how much potential they have in the field of article writing. You, as the client, will want to check up on the writer’s portfolio as well. You can decide whether or not this freelancer is the one you want through his or her portfolio.


Having their very own website can make article writers stand out from the rest. A professional-looking website can definitely entice you on hiring this content writer for your content writing needs. You should be able to see the writer’s resume, portfolio, videos, and photos through his or her professional website.


Downloading tools that can capitalize content the right way is a given for article writers. Capitalization is essential when it comes to content writing, after all. Even in the title of an article, proper capitalization is important. Make sure that your chosen content writer knows how to capitalize content the right way. If not, then ask him or her to download Capitalizers.

5.Grammar Corrector

Even native speakers of a language can go wrong with their grammar. Just think about how it would be with an article writer who uses the language you want him or her to write in as a second tongue. Grammatical errors can easily kill a content writer’s credibility so have them download a grammar corrector. Grammar corrector can easily detect grammatical errors in articles.

6.Plagiarism Detector

As the client in need of content writing services, you might be a bit lax when it comes to grammar. However, you should not be complacent when it comes to plagiarized content. There are no clients who will be happy with freelancers who plagiarize other writers’ written works. Strictly ask your freelancer to install a plagiarism detector then.

7.Keyword Finder

Nowadays, an article writer does not only have to think about writing in an informative manner. He or she also needs to think about SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords are still directly linked to each other, after all. If you want good results for content writing, then be sure to inform the freelancer about the right keywords to use. Also, let him or her know about Keyword Finder to help you find keywords that can work with your content writing needs.

8.Image library

Having an image library helps whenever you want to request for images to be included in a write-up. By getting access to free photos beforehand, content writers can fulfill your needs without making you wait too long. There should be many online image libraries around that your freelancer can gain access to nowadays, even for free.

These are just some of the basic tools that every article writer should have. These tools can help writers produce the best articles to meet your content writing needs.

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