Taylormade golf R11 Driver

One of the best clubs produced by Taylormade is the R11. As their golf clubs consistently gain the top spot in golf driver reviews, their upgrades and improvements also make it to the top of the list of preferred drivers.

Taylormade has always been known for their innovative golf club designs. This is their claim to fame, especially as they continue to provide golfers the clubs that can help them play better.

As one of Taylormade’s best golf club driver, R11 golf driver is an improvement of the R9 golf driver. In this improved version, Taylormade helps the golfer gain an extra 6 yards, thanks to its new technology and design.

The Design Enhancements

While there are areas that were surely retained, the R11 Taylormade golf driver also has certain improvements that allow it to match the golfer’s swing style. These enhancements can be found in the design and technology added to the R11 that made it better than R9.

Aligning the club driver

Golf clubThe first change you are sure to notice is the white you can find in the R11 golf driver. There’s a reason behind adding this color. First, the white matte is actually a crown that blends well with the black driver face. It helps golfers to align the driver (this is the reason why players are having an easy time aligning their golf clubs). Second, the white helps reduce the glare. This improves its visibility and the golfer’s concentration. It also lessens the hot spots.

Adjusting components

There are three key adjustment factors Taylormade believes is important in enhancing the golf driver’s potential to increase their hit’s distance: the loft or launch angel, the face angel, and the flight path. This helped them provide the changes that made the R11’s aerodynamic qualities better than R9.

Taylormade made changes in the golf driver’s adjustable components which enhance the club-head’s speed. It is now adjustable. Golfers can independently set the loft, face angel, and flight path with 48 combinations available. This is to help golfers match the club’s ability with their swing style.

Technology Added

What made R11 enhanced in performance are the added technology. Each can be adjusted independently to fit the golfer’s swing style, built, and strength.

The adjustable component implemented in the R11 is called Flight Control Technology (FTC). It helps golfers increase and decrease the loft angel to 1 degree from a 0.5 increment. This gives golfers 8 FTC positions.

The adjustable component that enables golfers to customize the face angel is called Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP). This helps golfers open and close the clubface to 2 degrees in 3 settings. Golfers can also leave it in a neutral position. This means they can independently tune the face angel without adjusting the loft.

Another technology added is the Movable Weight Technology. This allows golfers to fine tune the center gravity with 2 adjustable weights which are secured in the club’s heel and to ends. This helps it to either draw or a neutral ball flight path.

The R11 is actually one of the hybrid Taylormade golf clubs. A hybrid is a club that can replace irons for lighter and stronger swings that can send the ball higher and travel longer. The customizable feature of the R11 has proven to be one of the golf club drivers you may need for your golf game.

R11 is just one of the hybrid Taylormade golf club drivers available at present. Each of these have features that helps golfers play better whether they are a professional or an amateur. Check out which ones are fit for you to add in your golf bag. The best part is that most of them has the same technology added to the R11.

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