Things to Do During Quiet Salon Months

Just like in any form of business, beauty salons also get those days when there are almost no customers. Everything becomes quiet during the months of October and November, when people are waiting for Christmas to come, for the weather to be warm enough to encourage themselves to go outside, or for the clients themselves to start worrying about how they look.

So what do you do during these months? Do you put up the sign that says “closed” and then just wait for the dry months to pass?

Instead of sitting back and relaxing, busy yourself with the business. Even though you do not have a customer at the moment, that should not mean that you should not have the business mindset, if you take the word from experts and entrepreneurs such as those at, they will tell you that October and November should be the months when you are making routine checks of your salon, and making sure that everything is fresh and up to date, ready for your next client booking.

Here are just some of the things that you should be doing while the business is slow, according to salon gurus from salons such as and others.

• Spring clean: Probably the only reason why you think your facility is fine is because you got used to everything, from the ambience to the dustiness of some of the materials. However, with no clients to think about, try stepping back and looking at your salon from the perspective of your clients. Open your eyes and check out all the nooks and crannies of your salon. What does the place smell like? Are there trailing leads on the floor? Is there a hanging bulb or a dirty shade somewhere? There might even be one or two cobwebs just hanging.

salonCheck everything and tidy up. Look at your inventory, at your cupboards, and look at how your materials are arranged. If you think they have been put there haphazardly, put all of the materials out and rearrange.

As much as possible, clean your facilities. Make sure that everything is tidy and your whole facility is ready for the next client arrival.

• Clean up your database: As the owner of the store you may not have had time to look at the database yourself (or you just have someone else looking into that for you) but it pays well to check and see if everything is okay. Chances are big that there might be booking problems there, from misspelled names to multiple records. Go through all of your files and try to eliminate all of these problems.

• Study up: The beauty industry is alive and it is always in a state of growth and change. Therefore, you should be keeping up with the trends yourself. Just like those working at, if you are currently in the middle of no sale months, it is time that you study the newest trends in styling and beauty.

Another thing that you should seriously look up is if you have competition nearby. Maybe a salon has opened up somewhere near you. Try to find out more about them so that you will know how you can up your game and how you will make your salon more unique.

You should also try looking back at your knowledge of the product, because chances are that your knowledge is not what should apply to the present status of the industry. Check out new prices, new products, and new ingredients so that you are up to date with what the latest is. It is important that you are able to give the right advice to your clients when they do come.

The lesson you should take here is that, just like what those at and other professionals salons do during white spaces, refresh everything and make sure you make valuable use of the time you have to learn more about the industry, new products, and the competition which you might have not known otherwise.