Wearing Lanyards’ Pros and Cons

Customized lanyards are in-demand not just for various occasions but for almost all industries as well. Whether used for company identification, brand recognition or token appreciation, these personalized straps have certain advantages and disadvantages. This article will show them both but the focus must be on the bright side of things first:

lanyardsCustomized straps are present everywhere including churches, offices, parties and homes. Whatever the occasion may be, lanyard designs are always highly customizable depending on a person’s preference. Printing the company name, logo, tagline or whatever message in the strap’s body can be done without a hassle. Added with colorful designs and suggested symbols, these wearable straps could definitely fit in all events.

Considering their affordability, these customizable lanyards are perfect as giveaways or gift items to each and every visitor on different occasions no matter how many headcounts there are. Depending on the print type, quality of material being used and the number of placed orders, a lot of packages and bundles are also available. Only $1 per piece, a person could already buy a strap with a simple design. Straps made from higher quality materials that have more intricate designs normally range from about $10 to $15 per piece.

Wherever a person will go, he can always bring these straps with him. Considered as portable and handy, never worry about bringing a small bag to carry the straps. For companies that placed bulk orders the big and heavy packages will not be delivered right in front of their houses.

Wearing straps can contribute in improving the company’s marketing strategies. To achieve corporate branding and recognition, people should remember the products and services of a certain company and it is possible though wearing these straps around the neck. Free advertising is utilized every time people are using these straps especially if the company name is mentioned during conversations.

Customizing straps is an easy thing to do. When an existing design or logo is provided, customization usually takes about a day or two for the straps to be finished depending upon the print type and the volume of orders. When the silkscreen process is used in printing, customization of lanyards can only take about an hour.
After looking on the bright side of things, here comes the not-so-bright side of things. For other people, wearing straps is a no-no because of the following reasons:

When attending formal gatherings, straps are not considered typically because they do not fit in the related occasions. For much better replacements, choose flowers and lace. In some companies and organizations, the colors of strap do not match the outfits worn by employees specifically if they are required to wear color coded attires per day. When it comes to the world of sporting events, the colors of team uniforms actually change from light to dark depending on every schedule. For this reason, wearing uncoordinated colors of strap could create confusion in some games.

Considered as popular items, some people find that these straps are harmful when items get caught easily. Wearing the strap around the neck can result to damages if it gets entangled on doorknobs, bags, necklaces, or even on figurine displays and other fragile home decors. Students might also get hurt at school if these straps are accidentally pulled by other students in a fight.

On some occasions, the prints of the straps could easily get erased and become unnoticeable depending on print type and materials used. Faded designs of a lanyard already defeats it purpose. Some straps are easily ripped, torn and scraped as well.

With lanyard’s fair share of pros and cons, the selection of suitable lanyards should be taken with careful considerations. Whatever the occasion may be, people should always keep these 3 things in mind succeed in lanyard creation and purchase: purpose of the event, the recipients and the event manner.